Mr.Shyam Sunder the Proprietor of Bworking in the same field since 1985 and establishedin UAE. He deeply realized that the only way to improve product value and promote industrial upgrading is to work through more advanced products and better quality assurance. Production of high-precise and high-efficient gear PP Bags has been important for enhancement and development of Industrial PP – Polypropylene bags/ HDPE woven products.

Through continuous R & D and strict quality and production test, it’s then branded “rayworlddubai” for the global Bags market. To meet customer needs and provide quality service-oriented spirit, we wish we can create a spirit that is exclusively belonging to “PP bags & HDPE woven Moulding”. We aggressively promote markets as follows :

  • Europe : Spain, Germany, Belgium, U.K, Poland, Portugal , Netherland
  • America : USA, Canada
  • Africa: Tanzania, Somalia , Mozambique, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, Mauritania Madagascar.
  • Asia: Lebanon, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia