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Tarpaulin or tarp are long, strong, flexible, waterproof sheets available in various colors. This sheets are used in different ways. Government or NGO use it, to help homeless or when any natural calamity strikes as it is easy and durable to make tents from tarpaulin. It is used during constructions to keep the brickwork or masonry safe from getting damaged by weather. Trucks use this sheets to cover their material carried to far places and there are many such ways where we use tarpaulin or tarp to make our lives easier. 

Different ways tarpaulins are used are mentioned below:


1.  For homeless by Government or NGO: When a natural calamity strikes like earthquake or floods then to help people make tents which can save them from sunlight, provide them shelter this tarpaulins are used. Available according to customer’s requirement this tarpaulins are manufactured according to the customized size.


Tarpaulin used to make tents

Tarpaulins for Construction: Tarpaulin sheets are required during construction to keep the brickwork and masonry safe from changing weather and getting destroyed because of any other reason. This sheets manufactured by Tarpaulin manufacturers  consider the usage and produce according to GSM, color and other specifications. 

Tarpaulin used for Constructions


3. Tarpaulin for Agricultural purpose: Farmers require tarpaulins to make sure the food grains produced are safe from rain, sunlight, animals etc. This tarpaulins not only are a boon for farmers but also have variety to choose from. One can always choose from wide variety and get their customized tarpaulins in bulk.

Tarpaulin used in Agricultural Purposes

We at Rayworld Dubai believe in providing best quality products and services. Accepting a minimum order of 1*20 ft. container we export across the globe. Whatever your requirement is, we make sure the customer gets the exact desired products.

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