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What are Polypropylene Bags used for? What are its Types?

Polypropylene Bags also known as PP bags have uses in almost every Industry. Available in various types to satisfy every Industry’s demand this bags are compatible for various products packaging. Salt bags, Agricultural Bags, Food grains bags, Laminated Bags and even perforated bags are made from Polypropylene. Do you know the kinds of Polypropylene bags and their specifications, which are used to package various commodities?

Let this article help you know all of them one by one.

This is the list of bags which are made up of Polypropylene bags and have their own uses. Having customized packaging as per the product requires there are general Polypropylene Bags types which are exported by Rayworld Dubai worldwide.

Long list was mentioned above but what are there uses?

Well read on to understand there uses and grab some information on its specifications as well. That’s a good deal though.

All this bags are Polypropylene bags by nature and then customized to suit requirements of all products. PP/HDPE woven bag/ sacks are general or basic ones. LAMINATED BAGS have a lamination which helps in keeping the design intact and quality maintained. CATTLE FEED BAGS, FOOD GRAINS BAG, FERTILIZER BAG, RICE BAG, SALT BAG and FLOUR BAGS are designed in a customized way where it helps in packaging of this items without compromising on their quality. Also this customized packaging helps in keeping the moisture lock as well. MULTICOLOR BAGS, THREE COLOR PATTA BAGS are customized designs bags used in different industries for different purposes. Sometimes this colors even represent a country code or a product as well. BLACK AND WHITE bags have specific uses in Middle East and African Countries. Though this bags are quite basic in nature. SAND BAGS have uses in filling sand and soil and have purposes on flood control, shielding war windows in war zones and other such uses. Sand Bags with Tie and UV Stabilizer Sand Bags are different types of Sand Bags available. AIR VENTILATION bags are specially designed to keep the commodity inside it fresh and durable.

We hope your questions on Uses and Types of PP bags have got answers. Still if you want us to write about it in detail let us know by your mail.

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